XM Global Review 2022 - Is xm arabian a scam?

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XM Company Review

Minimum: $5
Leverage: 1:888
Headquarters: Cyprus
Licenses: ASIC, IFSC, FCA, CySEC

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In this topic, we will review the XM brokerage, also known as xmarabia.net, the XM company review was updated in September 2021 with the latest broker news and information.

Who is XM?

XM is the trading name of Trading Point Holdings Ltd , which wholly owns Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Ltd XM UK, Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd XM Australia and Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd XM Cyprus.

History of XM

The headquarters of XM was located in the past in Cyprus, while Trading Point was established in 2010 In Seychelles and regulated by CySEC license number 120/10, in 2013, the group established another entity in Australia subject to regulation by ASIC license number 443670, and in the beginning of 2016 it obtained regulatory status in London by FCA, license number 705428 and It is now considered one of the best regulated companies by the FCA according to the reports of the supervisory authority.

Since its founding XM has obtained Belize License No. IFSC / 60/354 / TS / 18 This is the license that most of the Middle East clients register with. Trading Point MENA Limited was also incorporated on April 25 this year in Dubai and is regulated by DIFC  License No 3273, and in the same year the company applied for an NFA license in the United States of America and it will be on the trading.com domain. Trading Points Group has licensed companies and offices in many other countries around the world, where the accounts of customers exceeded 2.5 million accounts.

XM licenses

Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK  UK FCA license Type of license Authorized not EEA License number is 705428 Acquired on 5/3/2016 and last in 2019 for their new website Trading.com

XM Global Review 2022 - Is xm arabian a scam?

Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd  FCA license to operate outside the UK within the EU 538324

XM Global Review 2022 - Is xm arabian a scam?Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd XM Au ASIC license in Australia as “MM Forex Broker”, License No. 443670 Acquired on 12/23/2013.

Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd XM CySIC license in Cyprus as “MM Forex Broker”, License No. 120/10 obtained on 08/5/2010. License for Domains www.trading-point.com www.xm.com www.pipaffiliates.com

XM Global Review 2022 - Is xm arabian a scam?

XM Global Limited IFSC License in Belize as a “Forex Broker” License No. IFSC/60/354/TS/18 includes XMARABIA.com

Trading Point Seychelles limited FSA License in Seychelles as a “Forex Broker” License No. SD010

Other licenses for Trading Point Group 

  • Regulatory authority license BaFin (Germany) Registration number 124161
  • CNMV Regulatory Authority License (Spain) Registration Number 2774
  • AFM Regulatory Authority License (Netherlands)
  • Regulatory Authority License FI (Sweden)
  • FIN (Finland) Regulatory Authority License
  • License of the regulatory authority MNB (Hungary) Registration number 538324
  • License of the regulatory body CONSOB (Italy) Registration number 3046
  • ACP Regulatory Authority License (France) Registration 73640
  • KNF License (Poland)

XM platform

XM offers two sets of trading platforms:

  • 1. MT4 platforms
  • 2. MT5 platforms (which also includes XM WebTrader)

XM platforms are available on the following platforms:

  • 1. Downloadable Windows and Mac Apps
  • 2. Browser apps (web) can't be downloaded
  • 3. Applications for smartphones

Please note that XM WebTrader is part of the MT5 family of platforms and therefore can be accessed with the same login and password that the client uses to access the MT5 family of trading platforms.

XM Global Review 2022 - Is xm arabian a scam?

XM Financial Instruments

One of the most distinctive features of the brokerage company is the financial instruments available for trading, 7 categories of forex, individual stocks, commodities, precious metals, energies, stock indices and cryptocurrencies.

  • 57 currency pairs
  • 1200 Stock CFDs
  •  8 items
  • 30 stock indices
  • 4 metals
  • 5 of energies
  • 5 Cryptocurrencies

XM Account Types

XM offers trading accounts to suit all needs, and the company has recently added two new types of trading accounts. So, the total accounts are 4 types: Micro account, Standard account, XM ULTRA LOW and Shares.

Before the existence of the XM ULTRA LOW account, there were multiple complaints from clients about the size of the price differences on the standard account (due to the presence of multiple bonuses), so XM introduced a new type of “Ultra Low Account” without bonus, but with price differences of up to half of the existing account.

Then XM finally introduced the Shares account, which is an Islamic account specialized in trading stocks, without leverage and with protection from negative balance and a minimum deposit of 10,000 dollars that will require you to fill out some papers in order to complete the registration of this type of account.

micro account
Standard Account
XM Ultra Low . Account
Shares account
1:1 to 1:888
1:1 to 1:888
1:1 to 1:888
without crane
Offers and rewards
Spreads on major currencies
as low as 1 . point
as low as 1 . point
As low as 0.6 . point
According to the basic exchange rate
Not allowed
Minimum Deposit

Withdrawal and Deposit at XM Company

You can withdraw and deposit (balance and profits) in XM through Transfers and bank cards of all kinds. You can also use electronic banks such as Neteller Bank, Skrill and Web Money. Perfect Money Bank and cryptocurrencies have recently been added. You can recharge via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple and Binance. Withdrawals via cryptocurrencies are available via Bitcoin and Tether. Just.

Starting from December 7, 2020, you can recharge with bank cards and withdraw the balance and profit to the same card instead of only withdrawing the balance and profits in another way as it was in the past, and this is for the Arab Gulf countries at the present time.

XM Global Review 2022 - Is xm arabian a scam?

XM Offers

XM offers a unique set of offers and bonuses But you must read its conditions well before obtaining it, do not try to take the bonus more than once with different accounts and do not register accounts in the names of relatives or friends, this will cause your account to be closed while withdrawing profits and sending the basic deposit to you and you will not be able to open an account in XM company again.

Market Research at XM

XM contracts with well-known analysts, experts and names in the forex field. But the quality of the market research section in Arabic, including analyzes, seminars, etc., is much lower than the section in English.


Through the information that we listed during this evaluation, we can say that through XM Trading, you can access the financial markets through competitive fees and the lowest minimum deposit. Forex with any deposit size starting from 50 dollars minimum!

An outstanding and diverse range of assets are offered for trading, including more than 1,200 shares. XM's reputation is better than the industry average, with a long track record and good regulatory standing in Australia, Cyprus and Britain.

The only downside to the regulatory situation is that the Arab countries are registered under the Belize license. XM is a good broker for both experienced and novice traders in the forex market.

common questions

Is XM a scam?

XM Corporation and Group Trading Points It has an excellent global reputation, and it is a legitimate company licensed by reputable regulatory bodies at the global level. It has an outstanding evaluation on various evaluation sites in all languages. It is even considered one of the top 5 brokers in the UK. It is one of the few companies that we recommend for its flexible trading environment. While the broker is a liquidity provider (market maker), there is no reason to worry about withdrawing your profits, whatever their size.

How can I withdraw at XM?

Withdrawals are only available to customers who They fully uploaded their documents and their trading accounts were approved That is, their accounts are complete and ready for trading, and the process of withdrawing funds in XM is easy, fast and safe, and it takes place through four steps:

  1. Register to enter the members area and then press the button dedicated to the withdrawal
  2. Choose the appropriate method of withdrawal that you want to withdraw through and that suits you and meets your needs
  3. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw or that you want to withdraw, and then send the withdrawal request
  4. The required value or to be withdrawn will be deducted from your trading account automatically once the transaction is completed
  5. The estimated time to complete the withdrawal process is 24 working hours only.

How can I deposit into an XM account?

XM offers several ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Transactions can be made using Moneybookers, Skrill, Neteller as well as credit cards and wire transfers. Moneygrams and Western Union payments are also accepted. All you have to do is log into your account, press deposit and choose the deposit method.

Is XM licensed?

XM is regulated by CySEC, ASIC, FCA, and IFSC. And all of them offer an investor protection fund up.

What trading strategies are allowed in xm?

XM allows all trading strategies and automated trading, not just arbitrage.

What is the maximum leverage offered by XM?

The maximum leverage offered is 888 to 1, but if it's EU, regulations that fall within the legal maximum of 30 to 1 apply.

How do I open an account with XM?

Just click here”Open an account. You will be directed through a digital form that is very easy to complete.

How do I open an additional account with XM?

All you have to do is click here.”sign in. You will be directed to the xm website, login with your existing account, and then click on add account.

 What type of account is best for a beginner at XM?

The best account for the beginner is the standard account, because you can get different rewards on it. Open an account

Does XM offer the MetaTrader trading platform?

Yes, XM offers the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

Finally, we are very happy to know your opinion about xm company, if you have used the broker before please write your experience was negative or positive in the comments.


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