Trading Champions Contest 50,000$ Cash Prize + 5,000$ Grand Prize

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Offer ends August 31, 2022

Cash prizes worth 50,000$ + Grand Prize 5,000$

Trading Contest

Want to win cash prizes for your best deals? call Traders from the Middle East and North Africa region To compete in our exclusive competition Trading Heroes To get 50 cash prizes worth 50,000$. The first prize for the overall winner is 5,000$!

Trading Champions Contest 50,000$ Cash Prize + 5,000$ Grand Prize


50 cash prizes

Trading Champions Contest 50,000$ Cash Prize + 5,000$ Grand Prize

Prizes for overall winners

1st place:
(or equivalent in other currencies)

Position 2:
(or equivalent in other currencies)

3rd place:
(or equivalent in other currencies)

4th place:
(or equivalent in other currencies)

5th place:
(or equivalent in other currencies)

Other ranking category prizes

* (or equivalent in other currencies)

To stand a chance of winning one of the above prizes, you must meet the requirements outlined below.

Contest requirements

1. Register with any type of real XM trading account Certified to be used to compete with him
2. A minimum balance of 100$ (or its equivalent in other currencies) in the account from which the competition is taking place when registering for the competition
3. Only forex, gold or silver trades from July 01 - August 31 will be counted in the ranking



common questions

Who can participate in the Trading Champions?

Show Trading Heroes Open to all new and existing XM clients who have real XM trading account(s) and residing in: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Mauritania.

How do I register?

You can register for the competition at any time from 01 July - 31 August 2022.

To be able to participate, you must have a real XM MT4/MT5 trading account with a balance of 100$ (or equivalent in other currencies).

Only one account is eligible to participate (this account must have a minimum balance of 100$ upon registration).

Only forex, gold and silver trades in this contest will be counted after your registration and only for the account you have registered.

How do I know how well I performed in the competition?

Visit the Members Area to see your ranking and view the Trading Champions View page.
Each ranking in the competition is specified under:

Highest Paying Deals**:
This category counts all profitable trades placed by participating clients. The best contestant in this category is the client who closed the most profitable trades during the contest period.

Highest in terms of net points**:
This category ranks the Participating Client according to the number of points he has earned/lost for each transaction made. The highest-ranking contestant in this category is the customer who has earned the highest number of net weighted points by trading volume during the contest period.

Highest earning in absolute terms:
This category ranks the most profitable co-client according to the amount of profit/loss realized in his trades. The highest ranked contestant will be the customer with the highest net profit during the contest period.

Overall winner:
Ranking in this category is done by combining the arrangements made by each participating customer in the three categories described above.

**For these categories, only deals greater than 0.1 standard lot will be counted. Any trades smaller than 0.1 standard lot will not be eligible.


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