Disclaimer and Risk Warning

Trading using leverage and margin:

Trading in financial markets such as global and local stocks, trading futures contracts, options, trading currencies - forex - and others, especially when it contains financial facilities or leverage, is a matter that involves a very high risk to your investments. Therefore, we advise everyone who wants to enter this type of trade to be careful and cautious in their investments, and to be fully aware of the amount of risk that may be inflicted on their money in terms of losses, which in some cases may exceed the capital that was invested. The management of the Arabic Forex website advises any investor, before deciding to enter this type of trade, to arm himself with the weapon of science and knowledge, to be careful in his investment objectives and to calculate the amount of risk that may accompany it. That sometimes the markets may go against all expectations, so if you cannot bear this kind of risk, we do not recommend entering this type of trade at all because it may negatively affect your standard of living and your personal life due to the loss in the market.

Compliance with the laws and regulations of countries:

The management of the Forex website in Arabic warns investors not to deal with companies, individuals or financial institutions that are not licensed or monitored by reputable supervisory authorities with executive authorities and strict control policies to protect them from falling into fraud and fraud, and alerts investors not to be drawn into marketing messages and loose phrases that It promises superstitious profit in the money markets and flirts with the idea of getting rich quick. The site management also warns that the brokerage companies on the Arabic Forex website, except for XM, are just advertised companies and that the site is not responsible at all for dealing with any of these companies, and your decision to deal with any of these companies is a purely personal decision, so the site management advises Before dealing with any online brokerage company in general or on the Arabic Forex website in particular, you should check everything related to the brokerage company yourself. You must also check and pay attention while dealing with these companies, and ensure the regularity of their work and that they obtain the necessary licenses to practice work, and that they are subject to supervision.

Information and analysis on the Forex website:

The information, news, research, reports, opinions and all content on this site are not directed at the general public of any country, nor is it intended to publish or distribute such data, information or content to persons residing in countries where such publication would be contrary to laws or regulations. Requires certain licenses. Also, all of this information and content on the site in general is information for general use only and is not provided as an offer or encouragement to buy or sell a commodity, currency or financial instrument in the financial markets. And that all these contents are subject to change, update or correction at any moment without prior notice.

No consideration has been given to the investment objectives or financial condition of specific persons or persons when preparing this information, statements or reports. Any indication of price movements and levels or expectations of future price movement is just information based on general analyzes and does not in any way mean that prices will move to those levels in the future. Some of this information, reports, analyzes and contents have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but the Arabic forex site does not guarantee its accuracy or correctness and the Arabic forex site does not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss that may result due to reliance on any such information, analyzes or Reports, statements or opinions on the Site.

Forex financial services in Arabic:

  • In all the financial services provided by the Arabic Forex website, such as a free copy service in XM or managing forex accounts in other companies, a limited leverage of 1:50 and a limited number of transactions, a maximum of 10 deals, is used to preserve the accounts of our dear customers, in addition to the agreement from both sides on the size of the risk Lot size and maximum allowable drawdown.
  • The Arabic forex site management warns that we are not responsible in any way for any direct or indirect losses resulting from the client's trades on the account of the already subscribed to the services of the Arabic forex site.
  • The Arabic forex site is only responsible for the deals that it enters and exits from. Your intervention in the deals means canceling the responsibility of the forex in Arabic for these deals, whatever the end result is a profit or a loss.
  • If you change your account password (your exit from the service) while there are deals opened by Arab Forex, this cancels the responsibility of Forex in Arabic for those deals, whatever the final result is a profit or a loss.
  • All transactions copied from Arabic forex have a special number that can be extracted from MetaTrader to distinguish between Arabic forex transactions and any other transactions.
  • All transactions copied from Arabic forex bear the name of the site and the account number in the service in the transaction comments box.
  • In the account management service, the service is terminated if the client trades on his account or amends forex transactions in Arabic.
  • In the case of the free copy service of XM, the Arabic Forex website does not compensate for the losses of the copied deals or share any percentage of the losses, except in the event of non-compliance on our part.
  • In the case of account management service in other forex companies, 30% is compensated for losses according to the custom agreed upon in the financial markets and account management services, only if the Arabic forex site is solely responsible for the losses.
  • The free copy service of XM provided by Forex in Arabic is an external service for the XM brokerage company, and the Forex site in Arabic is solely responsible for it. There is no legal or official relationship between the Arabic Forex site and the XM brokerage company, and the site owns a partnership account with the brokerage company only, and the Arabic Forex does not represent XM or any other brokerage company legally.
  • Deals are not discussed or comments received before or after closing from clients.
  • Technical support is for forex accounts registered through the “Arabic Forex” agency in the companies we market to, and Arabic forex is not responsible for solving any problems that you may encounter forex accounts that are not registered through the Arabic forex agency in any of the companies we have available such as XM, EXNESS, TICKMILL, EQUITI Etc.
  • In the event of a violation of the terms of service, copies will be canceled at the customer's expense without prior notice.
  • By subscribing to any of the services of the Arabic Forex website, you agree to the foregoing.
Last update: 5/31/2019