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Metatrader Indicators

MetaTrader 4 indicators, paid, can be downloaded for free to all visitors and followers of Forex in Arabic, without the condition of the agency.

Currency meter is an old indicator since 2015 converted into an expert advisor. The indicator is a set of currency dashboards integrated together. You can use it as an indicator to know the strength of currencies, trading individually or by buying / selling a currency against all other currencies with the push of a button, and you can also start trading. Automated (Attached is the trading settings file…
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This indicator identifies the most important Japanese candlestick patterns and records their names with green and red arrows on the chart, in addition to adding the most important levels based on the type of pattern. Attached is also a special levels indicator that works as a complement to the candlestick indicator. You can use the indicator on any time frame, from the patterns that are recognized. Doji Evening…
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The indicator detects more than 30 effective Japanese candlestick patterns (reversal and continuation), single, double and triple patterns Candlestick Dashboard You don't need to manually scan every pair and time frame for candlestick patterns. The indicator displays all the results you want for all pairs and timeframes, with just one look,…
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