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Trading Tools

The most important trading tools that we recommend are paid and free indicators, advisors and scripts, exclusively for Arab Forex followers and clients.

ما هو النسخ بين منصات التداول؟ تعد برامج نسخ التداول أو برنامج تداول المرآة أو أكسبيرتات نسخ التجارة في ميتاتريدر و المنصات الاخري نصوصًا خوارزمية لنسخ الصفقات (وقت التداول ، وحجم التداول ، وإيقاف خسارة المركز ، والمركز المستهدف) من الحساب الرئيسي إلى حساب تداول فرعي أو حساب العميل. تم تسمية هذا…
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News is a rich and powerful resource for investors. From headlines to commentary and analysis, news collectively conveys the mood of the market. By understanding the current mood of the market, we can more accurately predict the behavior of the market. Our news analysis tool enables us to do this on a global scale in an automated way, providing…
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Promax Gold EA is a fully automated forex robot that is usually sold for $390 by myeaacademy developers. It contains an internal setup programmed to analyze the market technically and fundamentally and collect all market information to add trading orders. According to the developers, it is designed and programmed to trade with an accuracy of more than 88% and if the trades are in decline,…
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