FBS Rating for 2021 - Is FBS a Scam?

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Licenses: IFSC, CySEC

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FBS licenses

fbs . company It is a Russian company, but it was never licensed by the Central Bank of Russia or any government body in Russia, and the company in Russia began buying and merging forex companies that were closed due to fraud such as Poltek Fx.

The company claims that it existed years before the purchase of Boltech, but most of Boltech’s clients believe that FBS is really Boltech, only changed the name to escape from the bad reputation, but personally, I do not find this scenario logical, I think that it bought companies that will go bankrupt for various reasons, including the discovery of the scam by clients.

Then the FBS company came out of Russia to establish its headquarters in Belize, and therefore it has an IFSC license, which is constantly violating its conditions. There is a common mistake that it started in Belize, but the owner of the company and the company are Russians.

Cypriot license lie

The company's agents claim that the clients' accounts are under the Cypriot license. This is a lie. The site registered in the Cyprus Authority is FBS.EU and registered under the name Tradingstone. It is a subsidiary of FBS and its website is only 1 year and 5 months old, and you must be in Cyprus or some limited country close to it to register and charge your account with it.

Arab accounts

The accounts of the Arabs and the accounts of everyone in this company are not registered under the Cypriot license, as they claim, but under the Belize license.

Delete the Cypriot license

After the story of the Cypriot license was exposed and the matter was exposed on Facebook, FBS removed the link for the Cypriot license from their website and only said that it owns the Cypriot license so that customers cannot check the license more accurately, and now you will find it very difficult to find the licenses link from Google as we used to find it Easily before exposing the matter, but here is the link https://fbs.ae/regulation. Because I don't think anyone will be able to find a trace of him soon.

Modernization : The company has already deleted the licenses page completely from their website. Now I have not found a respectable company in the world that deletes the licenses page.

FBS claims that it has been in the market for 10 years and despite its huge size so far, the company is avoiding countries where Forex is licensed from strict regulatory bodies such as the FCA on the pretext that it does not want to work in the British market and that if it wanted to, it could easily, just lying because this same company chooses countries that do not Forex is specifically licensed to open offices in violation of all laws.

Multiple express violations of FBS

Systematic targeting of unregulated markets

Targeting unregulated forex markets and opening offices in them or financing an agent and opening an office for him and sometimes disavowing him in the event of his arrest.

On March 15, 2018, I was arrested in charge of a branch Fbs In Myanmar to carry out financial services without a license I hope that you read the following topics in English and they contain valuable information about the truth Fbs Markets first articleThe second article has been removed from the source.

The sad thing is that before his arrest, the company said that it financed him and opened an office for him, as it does with strategic agents, and said in the letter, “If forex is not prohibited in a country, this means that it is permitted,” even though they know very well that working in an unregulated market may cost them a Belize license and any The important thing is that after his arrest, the company disavowed him completely.

Official warnings from Fbs

The company is one of the companies that have been incorporated in some Asian countries such as Indonesia. The company has exited from the countries in which dealing in forex has been licensed and most of the countries that warned against unlicensed forex companies always put the name of FBS in the forefront of the warning, such as the warning of the Japanese Ministry of Finance in the month of 5 year 2017.

Although opening offices in unregulated forex markets is against the conditions of all types of licenses, but FBS opens the office, as in Egypt, for example, and registers it under another type of activities such as “party companies” “financial advisors” and sometimes they finance an agent to work through it and open an office for it For the marketing of the company, for example, “Arab Forex in Egypt, we will talk about it later,” which is also contrary to the conditions in all types of licenses.

On January 30, 2017, the Brazilian Financial Supervisory Authority CVM added fbs to its warning list, followed on the same day by the Italian supervisory authority CONSOB.

Misleading FBS ads

The company has on Facebook only 82 ads, although this is against the instructions of any licensing, most companies will be 2 or 3 ads. This is not the ads that market the Cypriot license.

Liquidity providers and the principle of separation

It recently claimed that it is dealing with Barclays Bank, and Barclays has denied this, knowing that the company has not and will not announce any data that proves that there is a separation between customer funds and company funds.

FBS Monument Offers

The offers of scams and bonuses in this company are very many, but this offer is special. The company was setting up an insurance offer on an account and it turned out that in order to secure 100 dollars, you must pay more than 123 dollars already, and this picture is from the Forex Peace Army website, and it is worth noting that 24 hours after publishing this topic, it was completed Clear this part of the Forex Peace Army website.

FBS evaluation for the year 2021 - is fbs a scam?
Forex Peace Army About Insurance Offer B Fbs Arab asylum added by us

The global reputation of FBS

Arabic Forums

Of course, if you search for its problems in Arabic, you will find it in most forums, and there are some forums that have already withdrawn from dealing with it to preserve its reputation. Here is the topic in Arabic in the fx-profit forum.

global sites

The evaluation of the company on the Forex Peace Army website is 2.6/5, without calculating the complaints in the last 6 months and they were a good number that you can review on the site from here 

And when we contacted the Finance Magnet website to obtain their evaluation of the company or any data related to the company such as the volume of deposits, loss ratio, profit rate, etc., the website replied that they do not have any of this data because Fbs You did not publish it in the first place, and a summary of what they said is that they publish its news as a forex broker, but they do not recommend trading with it now.

Deleting earnings on FBS

In this article that was published on December 4, 2019 on the Forex Peace Army website Press here The company has deleted $39,000 in profits for a customer and the reason for the company, according to its representatives in the matter, is that it is deals that occurred off the market. To accept the deals that are in its favour, and to reject the deals that are in the customer's favour. In this other topic, I omitted 200 thousand dollars of profits in another case for the same reasons Press here to visit the topic.

FBS Domestic Depositor

There are many question marks on the FBS local depositor service. If you enter the deposit with your account and choose to use the local depositor, a list of Facebook accounts and blogs will appear to you. It is hard to believe that a Forex company licensed with any kind of license is using the local depositor in this way because it opens the door to fraud and it is against the third party policy. If you want to know the difference between the local depositor in Bir El Salam companies and the prestigious companies, look for the local deposit method in real companies such as Exness and XM. It is impossible to find any of these companies that put links to local depositors on their licensed website.

Fraud while trading with FBS

Platform manipulation video

There are a lot of videos to install Fbs On YouTube and Facebook, explicit manipulation of opening and closing deals and even manipulating the spread, but this video, which was published one day ago, and the owner agreed to publish it here is special, as the account is deserted and then opened by its owner to find a balance and open deals, and even open trades, the margin is stopped at -2000 and is not done Closing it for two reasons. The first is an employee who plays with MetaTrader Manager and I don’t know what he is doing. The second reason is the company’s exploitation of abandoned accounts in money laundering.

phantom candles

Fake candles appear continuously and are not just a mistake from the liquidity provider as they claim because the broker can choose the best and the worst if he wants
These pictures show some of those candles, and you can search for yourself and you will find thousands of pictures and videos, and this is evidence of systematic manipulation, and the matter is repeated in an exaggerated manner in this company, but they compensate the victim if he exposes them.

FBS evaluation for the year 2021 - is fbs a scam?
Example of phantom candles in Fbs

Re-pricing and spread

Unfortunately, the FBS broker uses re-quotes systematically to put you at the worst prices. When you cannot enter or exit, this is intended. When you enter and find yourself at a different price by two or three points, this is intended. If you trade with FBS, of course, you know what I mean and I will not talk about the spread. The worst thing is that you should know that the broker has absolute control over everything and can make the trading environment easy, excellent and smooth and can make it hell so you lose your money without feeling that the broker was manipulating you and here comes the benefit of strict licenses.

Partnership program the only reason FBS continues

The company gives agents the highest commission found in the market, which is more than half of the spread, in addition to weekly prizes, in addition to opening offices for agents and marketing for them. Do you think that it brings all this profit from the spread? Is this logical in your opinion? Of course, this is at the account of the trader in several ways, such as spreads, hidden commissions, re-pricing of the worst prices or non-execution, slippage, and sometimes explicit fraud and manipulation of stop-loss and stop-profit. This is a unit and there are many options that facilitate this under the name of managing your company's risks.

Is FBS a scam?

In fact, this type of brokerage company is considered much more dangerous than outright scam companies. Although it does not have good licenses, it is registered in some offshore areas. Which makes it target unregulated markets to work in and publicize offshore licenses claiming that it is a real company, this type should not deceive you in your deposit, with weak supervision they can defraud you in your trading without even realizing, worse yet, like KinstaForex companies are just a front for business Illegal customer data trading, money laundering, and much more. Personally, when we tried it, we could not risk adding our real data. It is easy after searching for the company to know that it is a professional scam company that has weak licenses and is not subject to any real control, so we do not only warn about the company Rather, its marketers and agents participate in this fraudulent process. There is no brokerage company currently that gives its agents these illogical commissions other than FBS.

It is worth noting that the company announced a few days ago that it reached 14 million customers! Of course, this number is completely impossible for any brokerage company, and even the oldest brokerage companies have not and will not reach this number. We can see that this company may do anything, even if it is such a stupid advertisement to attract beginners.

arab forex scam

Finally, if FBS is mentioned, its strategic agent in Egypt should be mentioned. com and its accused manager Ashraf, who has defrauded many clients in the name of Forex and claims at the same time that he helps those who have been defrauded, and more than that is a threat and insult to clients so that they do not complain against him. In the following video, the accused Ashraf confesses to a Syrian person in the amount of 3000 dollars for 4 months and gave him $150 from them only after he traded on his account and it is clear that he deliberately made losses for the sake of the commission. With clients, and when he found clients talking together, he separated them into groups. It is worth noting that this group mastered the scam before it even entered the field of forex through digital marketing companies, exploiting the novice who does not know much to make him pay thousands in courses not worth tens of dollars, so it is not strange to choose them Marketing for an unlicensed company known for fraud, and they were the reason for the spread of this company in Egypt. We have a lot of evidence and disasters setting up the accused Ashraf, but this issue is not in its place. Unfortunately, in the Arab Forex market, there is a fear of Most of those involved in the market mentioned the accusation of the accused supervising clients for fear of bullying as he made a mistake and did with us by publishing a fabricated topic. For one of our clients to make videos. Ironically, the client admits that he took money from him. You can simply say that they work as a mafia or gang.

We do not know why the Egyptian government has left them until now, although their office on the ground does not have any licenses to conduct business related to the forex market or raise money, but we offer assistance and bear all the expenses of legal procedures for any person affected by them in Egypt, provided that he has not signed on Any papers with them, the accompanying audio in the video is the voice of the accused and the thug Ashraf, who falsely claims that he holds a PhD despite this method and is threatening customers in a way that shortens a lot about the quality of these people.

You should beware of their fake Facebook accounts, they have hundreds of them, so do not get carried away behind those who defend them, their customers themselves do not defend them, they are also good at marketing in a luxury life way, which is a globally known monument method, especially on Instagram, and its use in some countries leads to legal accountability, which is publishing pictures of money Or prizes for customers, or the naive promise of the millionaire program, but of course all their services without publishing any real accounts on a continuous basis or direct deals.

Recently, after FBS was exposed, they moved to a new unknown company called ACY that claims to distribute prizes worth 2 billion dollars and register Arabs under the Australian license, but they still work in secret with FBS, so despite the similarity of the names, we have nothing to do with the Arab Forex site or the accused Ashraf scams. We do not glorify any brokerage company. We mention the flaws and advantages. Of course, we do not blackmail or threaten our customers and take advantage of their lack of knowledge of the financial markets. On the contrary, we agree to share losses before profit. We abide by our agreement, which has now become a written agreement, not verbal. We do not promise clients that they will make millions. We do not ask for thousands of dollars in courses that are not worth the ink written on them. Beware of the likes of clean scam professionals like Ashraf and his team, they are much more dangerous than brokerage companies. Some of the pictures they set up can not be published due to property rights and notifications you can contact them and we will be happy to send them to you.

Warning The video contains words out of the voice of Ashraf Sharif, a former FBS representative and ACY currently in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in an attempt to threaten us.

Filthy Ashraf Sharif #Forex_Arab - What the forex market has come to - a group of thugs

# Until_don't_forget the dirtiness of Ashnaf Shenif #Arab_Forex - this is the right way to deal with these dirty forms, do not ignore threats or abuse and know their true nature to people and know their size...
#acy #Dr_Moez ACY Securities

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