Forex brokers warn by regulators this week #4 (March 19, 2019)

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Forex brokers warn by regulators this week #4 (March 19, 2019)

Money market and investment companies, foreign exchange brokerage companies, forex and digital currencies, insurance companies and other financial services that the regulatory bodies warned about this week 12-19 March 2019 List No. 3

United Kingdom - FCA

  • Holland and Pearce Capital Partners with its declared headquarters in New York
  • Tradition Cheptal / Tradition London Clearing with announcing its headquarters in France, a clone of the certified company Tradition UK Limited based in London
  • Gold Fx Trading / Gft with its advertised headquarters in London, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is a clone of the approved company Gain Capital UK Limited Based in London (Reference Number: 113942)
  • Cooper Newton Management Group / Cooper Newton Management Group Partners (, with announced headquarters in New York
  • European Capital Markets Ltd with the announcement of its headquarters in London and is a clone of the European approved company European Capital Markets Ltd Based in London (Reference No.: 400316)
  • Gfc Investment ( With announced headquarters in Vincent and the Grenadines
  • General Partner Finance Limited with declared headquarters in London
  • Cashbery Limited/Global Decentralised Community (; with declared headquarters in London.
  • Engaged Solutions (also operating as Access Loans), which is headquartered in Manchester, is a clone of the authorized company RJW Assist Ltd (also operating as, based in Manchester ( Reference number 692630
  • JP Morgan (also operating as Zurich Capital Management) is a clone of the authorized firm P. Morgan Securities Plc (, based in London (Reference number: 155240)

Poland - Knf

  • Safecap Investments Poland Sp. z oo which works as

Switzerland – Finma

  • Gcg Asia with headquarters announced in Zurich

Austria - Fma

  • Warrington Shaw With announced headquarters in Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Matching Blue Consulting Sl (Golden Markets), with headquarters announced in Barcelona (;
  • “Profit Trade” Gps Marketing Ltd with headquarters announced in Sofia
  • Global Top Marketing Ltd with announced headquarters in Majuro, the capital city of the Ajeltake Islands of the Marshall Islands
  • SingleBell Ltd (, with the announcement of the headquarters in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Xtrader-Fx GPay Ltd (, with announced headquarters in the United Kingdom

Sweden – Finansinspektionen

  • Ecn Premium

Spain - Cnmv

  • Iwc Investment ( Reproduction of an approved company with the same name

Ireland - Dfsa

Hong Kong - Sfc

  • 益 No. 33775;國 No. 38555 (Chinese name)
  • Golden Financial Service Limited / Golden Financial Solutions Limited / Golden Financial Solutions Service
  • Ltd / Golden Financial Financial Pty Ltd / Golden Financial / Gdfx (;, with announced headquarters in Hong Kong

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority has also warned against fraudulent use of the name A/S Iwc Investment Partners by individuals contacting consumers who provide forex and cryptocurrency portfolio management, claiming to be affiliated with the company and pointing to a misleading website and . has no relation whatsoever with Metaquote and we have no responsibility regarding their products offered by our Sponsors.

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