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Type: white label
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XM data is used to mislead traders

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TNFX Company

TNFX is one of the most stupid and comical scams that we have encountered so far. The company is White Label. It is not licensed by any party. Both the biller and the terms and conditions page in it claim different things for different companies. We will mention that in detail.

Counterfeit TNFX Licenses

This paragraph is from the invoice. TNFX is the brand name of a total of 3 companies. The first is TiranForex, which is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

TNFX Warning - Comic Scam

For those who don't know, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) does not regulate forex and CFD brokers. Furthermore, the Financial Conduct Authority is a UK-based regulator known as the FCA and has no connection with Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, we checked the official database of FCA and SVG for “TiranForex” and got no results, which was no surprise.

The following trade name is TIRAN-DWC-LLC regulated in Dubai as they claim.

TNFX Warning - Comic Scam

This is completely meaningless. Brokers in Dubai must be regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), in order to operate within a legal framework. Needless to say, TIRAN-DWC-LLC was not found in the DFSA's public registry.

The following is the Tiran Broker registered “by the Iraqi Ministry of Trade”.

TNFX Warning - Comic Scam

In Iraq, the responsibility for overseeing financial behavior rests with the Iraqi Securities Commission. And whose website, does not provide any information about Terran Brooker.

Last but not least, among the comedic missteps TNFX is supposed to be organized in Cyprus. The broker misspelled “Cyprus” and we checked with CySEC, just to make sure, and as expected we didn't find anything related to TNFX.

TNFX Warning - Comic Scam

Transferring from XM without even deleting its name

As for the terms and conditions in TNFX, they are copied / pasted from XM, which is a very stupid move that confirms without a doubt that it is a ruthless fraudulent broker. XM has been informed of this, as the company’s agent or as he claims to be its owner is a person named “Ahmed Zaman” from Iraq is also XM Agent. The broker failed to even delete the XM name or amend the terms to suit what the broker mentioned about its alleged licenses and the FCA and the International Financial Services Commission (Belize) were mixed up with Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
TNFX Warning - Comic Scam

TNFX Review Site Warnings

حذرت بعض المواقع الاجنبية منها مثل موقع والذي قال “عالم التداول مليء بالمخادعين ، يحاولون سلب المستثمرين الساذجين في كل منعطف ، ومعظمهم يقدمون معلومات مضللة ، أو لا شيء على الإطلاق. كما هو واضحا ، TNFX من النوع الأول.” الرابط من هنا

وذكر موقع ان هذا الموقع قام بجمع ايداعات واختفي اكثر من مره لا نعرف مدي دقة هذه المعلومات ولكنها محتملة حيث ان موقع TNFX موجود منذ 2015 ولكنه تم افتتاحة مره اخري أخري مؤخرا كشركة فوركس في العراق. في جميع الاحوال تقييم من هنا said in its review “Can you trust TNFX? no. This should be clear from the review. Make sure to stay away from them as much as possible, as they are clearly trying to scam newbies.” Their full review of the company from here

Is TNFX right?

From what has been mentioned so far, it is clear that TNFX is a very frank and clear fraud and theft process without even trying to hide its installation, perhaps because the company does not plan to be present on the scene much, it is likely to disappear after obtaining the largest amount of deposits. Therefore, you will find low spreads to attract the client, but the minimum deposit is 300$. We believe that any effort to withdraw will be in vain. Either the broker will strongly advise you not to withdraw, or they will ask for more deposit.

Update: After the evaluation topic spread, the company deleted the Cypriot and British license from its website, although pictures and videos had already been taken, so deleting them does not deny their forgery and the transfer of licenses to other companies. Its name is IDEALondon, and this address is in the United Kingdom, which has nothing to do with the Saint Vincent Islands, as I left the Iraqi license and the Dubai license, and of course they are all false, we warn once again and strongly against dealing with TNFX. And if you think that you, as an agent of the company, will not be defrauded, think again, the company has already defrauded its agents by not paying the commission and then deleting the trading records.

TNFX Warning - Comic Scam has no relation whatsoever with Metaquote and we have no responsibility regarding their products offered by our Sponsors.

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