The difference between instant order execution and MARKET EXECUTION and INSTANT

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The difference between instant order execution and MARKET EXECUTION and INSTANTExecution of orders is an important stage in forex trading. In simple words, the order execution is at the price at which you buy/sell a particular currency. There are two types of execution: Market and Instant. In the first case, you literally tell the broker that you are ready to buy at whatever price is currently available. In the second case, you want to buy only at a specified or more favorable price. Let's consider these types in more detail.

Instant Execution

The order is executed exactly at the indicated price or may not be executed due to sharp price changes during the order placement process. The order will not be opened / closed without the trader's approval of a certain price. In other words, re-pricing may take place. Beginners usually prefer this type of execution, for which accurate execution is important.

Market Execution

Unlike Instant. It is faster and features guaranteed order execution. Orders are opened at current market prices anyway. It should be noted that slippage can occur during high market volatility. That is, the order will be executed, but at a new price. The market price may be either lower or higher than the indicated price. However, the trader always has the opportunity to close the order with profit. Traders whose priority is to open the position during strong movements should choose Market Execution.

To illustrate the principle by which each method works, let's consider the mechanism of order execution using the following example: a trader wants to buy EUR/USD, and he opens a buy position. During processing, the price may change - decrease or rise. In instant execution, the broker sends an order (recurring order) with new quotes. The trader decides whether he wants to buy a currency at this price or not. Upon market execution, the transaction is executed instantly at a variable price without the trader's confirmation.

Comparison table between the two types of implementation

Instant Execution
Market Execution
It takes 3-5 seconds to process orders
Executing orders takes milliseconds
Execution depends on the market
There is no re-pricing
Access to the market through the broker
Implementation is guaranteed
The price is provided by the broker
Direct market access
There is no chance to open the order at a better price
The price is provided directly from the market
Trading strategies (scalping, hedging, news trading, using EA) are limited
There is a chance to open the order at a better price
No limits on trading strategies (scalping, hedging, news trading, using EA)

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